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What is X10?

X10 is an industry standard protocol for controlling devices like lamps, appliances and relays over existing home and office wiring.
It controls devices by injecting digital data into ordinary 110 volt lines.
It is the standard used for home automation.

Weather Message and X10

Weather Message now has the ability to activate X10 devices when specific weather bulletins are received.
It can do one of three actions.
Turn the device on.
Turn the device off.
Cycle the device every 3 minutes.

What is required?

A X10 serial controller and a free serial port on your Weather Message server computer. You will also need X10 modules to control.  The CM18a, firecracker kit, is a good starter kit.  It comes with everything needed to get started.

Weather Message supports the CM11a and CM17a (firecracker) serial port interfaces. 

Note:  If you want to use the "blink" option with X10 devices, the CM11a interface is recommended.  The CM17a does not respond fast enough to support blinking.

Where can I purchase X10 hardware

There are several sources for X10 equipment.  X10 has an on-line store.  You will find it at

The CM11a interface can be purchased from  Enter CM11a in their search box to get the latest price.  

Below are links to the CM18a, firecracker, kit along with commonly used modules. 
You will leave the Weather Message site and be redirected to the X10 on-line store.  

X10 Automation Systems

FireCracker Lighting Control 4 Piece Kit
Control your lights and appliances directly from your PC or wireless remote -- anywhere in your house!
Lamp Module (Dimmable)
Universal Module
Remote Chime
Appliance Module (3-pin, Grounded)
Heavy Duty Module (20 Amp)