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Emergency Managers Weather Information Network


Emergency Managers Information Network

EMWIN stands for the Emergency Managers Weather Information Network.  It is a service provided free by the National Weather Service.  EMWIN is a data stream broadcasted by the National Weather Service for use by emergency managers and others.  This data stream contains current weather warnings, watches, images, advisories, and  forecasts issued by the National Weather Service.

The information present in the EMWIN data stream originates from local weather service offices and other sources.  This information is collected at the National Weather Service office in Silver Spring, Maryland.  From there, it is up-linked to the GOES 8 and 10 weather satellites from a transmission site in Wallops Island, Virginia.

There are three methods to receive EMWIN data.  You can obtain it directly from the GOES weather satellites with a satellite receiver.  If the EMWIN signal is being broadcasted on a VHF or UHF frequency in your area, you can receive it using a low cost scanner and decoder.  It is also available through an internet connection.  Each method requires different hardware and/or software combinations.  A list of hardware vendors is available from the National Weather Service EMWIN Vendors web page.

Who can benefit from EMWIN?  

Emergency Management Directors

Public Safety Officials

Amateur Radio Operators

Business Owners

Media Outlets

Weather Hobbyists



Anyone who has a need for up-to-date weather information can benefit from EMWIN.

For additional information on EMWIN, visit the
National Weather Service's EMWIN Information web page.

Weather Message uses this data stream to provide desktop alerts of impending weather situations.

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