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Weather Wire

  NOAA Weather Wire Service   

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Weather Wire Service, NWWS, is a satellite and internet broadcast system that delivers critical National Weather Service information.  The NWWS is operated by the National Weather Service (NWS). NWWS singular purpose is to provide timely meteorological, hydrological, climatological, and geophysical information to state and federal governments, emergency managers, commercial users, media outlets (television, radio, social), and the general public.

Established in October 2000, NWWS data products originate at 143 NWS offices, including 122 Weather Forecast Offices (WFO), 13 WFO/River Forecast Centers (WFO/RFC), representing 26 NWS offices in 13 co-located facilities, and 8 NWS National Centers,   utilizing the Advanced Weather Information Processing System (AWIPS).  NWWS also receives products from the U. S. Geological Survey's Earthquake Center. NWWS delivers priority 1 weather warning products to users within 10 seconds or less, making it
the fastest delivery method available for these critical products. 

For more information on NWWS see NOAA’s website at

Note:  Access to this data stream is free, satellite users will incur equipment costs.

Weather Message can use this data stream to provide desktop alerts of impending weather situations.


* The the use of the NOAA and NWS emblems or logos does not imply an endorsement by NOAA/NWS.