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The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's NOAAPORT broadcast system provides a one-way broadcast of NOAA environmental data and information in near-real time to NOAA and external users. This broadcast service is implemented by  communications utilizing C-band.

The NOAAPORT data stream is located on Satellite AMC-4, transponder 13C.  It is broadcast using DBV formatting, allowing inexpensive equipment to be used to demodulate the data.

This transponder presently has 4 logical channels, NCEP/NWSTG, GOES, NCEP/NWSTG2, and Non-GOES Imagery/DCP Data.  The NCEP/NWSTG, GOES, and NCEP/NWSTG2 channels have a data rate of 1.536 Mbps, while the Non-GOES Imagery/DCP Data channel has a data rate of 768 Kbps.

For more information on NOAAPort see NOAA’s website at

Weather Message's WxPort ingest engine processes one of the 4 data streams for use by Weather Message and other software applications.  

Weather Message can use this data stream to provide desktop alerts of impending weather situations.

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