Hardware Resources
EMWIN Receivers

Satellite receiving equipment can be obtained from the following vendors. 


Zephyrus Electronics

168 S. 122 E. Ave.

Tulsa, Ok. 74128

Phone: (918) 437-3333

Fax: (918) 438-7322

Contact: Robert Hale

WWW home page: http://www.big-z.com/

WWW e-mail: support@big-z.com


Werner Labs Inc.

P.O. Box 186

Simpsonville, MD 21150-0186

Phone: (443) 545-5876

WWW home page: http://www.wernerlabsinc.com

WWW e-mail: info@WernerLabsInc.com

EMWIN information prepared by Werner Labs.


X10 Products

X10 features has several products that can be controlled by Weather Message.  Click on this link for component information.

Weather Message supports the CM11a and CM17a (firecracker) serial port interfaces.